Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Premade Etsy Shop Banner Kits

Time to do some spring cleaning!!!
Do you have an Etsy shop? Would you like to update your shop banner and graphics for advertising or simply freshen up your shop with a new look? OR, are you new to Etsy and need a banner kit? I can do that for you!

I have experience in creating CUSTOM ORDERS for my wonderful Etsy customers! I have many repeat clients and I am SO thankful! It's my life's passion, to create exactly what YOU have in mind!
Thanks for checking out some of the banner kits that I have for sale right now in my Etsy shop!

I can create custom 570 x 570 graphics for sales, thank you images, reserved and custom orders!

I also create custom orders for WINE LABELS! This turned out so sweet, thanks to my fabulous customer Kathy from KATY DIDDIT! Please check out her shop now! She has snuggly footwear, gorgeous fleece slippers and heat therapy rice packs and more! I also was fortunate enough to design her shop banner!

Another sweet customer hired me to customize her Etsy shop and create this lovely banner for her! Visit Jacqueline at 'YOUNG HEART WHIMSY' and see the fabulous 3D crafty beauties she lovingly creates!

I truly enjoy creating digital art for Etsy shop owners as well as for your blogs and websites! If you would like me to design something for you, feel free to contact me! I can create business cards, greeting cards, stationery and so much more!

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