Monday, February 16, 2015

29 Faces Art Challenge

29 Faces Art Challenge


I've been trying to get back to creating my faces but it's been a challenge after all. Life does take over sometimes! Here is a digital painting that I did a couple of days ago - work in progress!

I decided to change her eye color. I'm trying to fine tune her now, soften up features, can you see the changes? I love the finishing work, it's fun to sketch a face out and then go in and work it!

I have no idea what her hair is going to be like but I think she is going to be royalty. I see a beautiful jewelled crown or silk head piece ... ahhh, yes, royalty!

I so love working in ArtRage too, a digital art program that I purchased a while ago. I let it sit without using it for so long and when I finally started working in it, I fell in love! It is the best artsy program! I cannot update it because they (the people who wrote this program) haven't upgraded it for my Windows, I need to upgrade my computer. Oh well, I'm still using it and doing just fine!

Click on the labels below to see all of my 29 Faces for this month! Still way behind but I'll catch up!

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