Monday, May 4, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

MY LOVING SON got the most beautiful hanging flower pots for me!!! I love them!

This is my favorite Holiday, for sure! I am so grateful and so Blessed with the most incredible, fun, lovely and just all 'round neatest mom in the world!

This Sunday is Mother's Day and I am sure looking forward to spending time with mom and my sisters and brother. Wish Marty would come home from Virginia too!

Not too many times we all get together nowadays, we all live so far apart and have so much going on. So this is going to be awesome! We all bring a dish of food, Shelley is making stuffed cabbage, Beckie is bringing mashed taters, don't know what Aaron is bringing, hope some sausage! I don't know what to make either, maybe a tuna dish, macaroni salad dish of some kind.

I'm going to get mom some hard candies and Allsorts licorice candies, she loves them, (like me!) and some sugar for her hummingbird feeder. I'm going to look for a solar light or hummer feeder too.

My son is getting me a credit up at the florist in town, that is soooo wonderful, Center Stage Florist has the best hanging baskets! I have got to get some crafts done for the florist too! OMG! I completely forgot about that, some lovely things for moms to sell .... now what on earth should I make? Earrings? Small heart boxes .... guess I'd better paint the two floral signs I started this past winter!

Ok, time to go and get something done. YOU have a wonderful Mother's Day this Sunday, enjoy the day and make sure you show mom how much you care!

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