Tuesday, September 15, 2015



Treats for you!

Wow, Halloween, it's almost here! Hard to believe that it's the middle of September, fall season is here and my favorite Holiday is almost upon us. I am SO glad I've felt good enough to actually design for this too! 

The RA has really taken its toll on me, I'm doing the best I can on methotrexate, but my knees are so bad that I can hardly walk! I'm rolling around the house with my trusty office chair. I've got chairs with wheels at the dining room table too, so I use one of those in the kitchen, and I have another big leather office chair that I sit in for a change too. The butt sure takes a beating, sitting all day!!!

Anyway, back to the subject at hand, HALLOWEEN!

I'll be posting my newest designs here. I've submitted designs to Etsy, Zazzle, Greeting Card Universe and Red Bubble. When you click on an item, use your back button if the links don't open in a new window!


You must check out the new COLLECTIONS in my Zazzle shop. A neat way to get a bunch of different products with the same design or theme into one area. See my Halloween Collection here!

See my Halloween section in my Etsy shop here!

You can find more of these cool stickers at my Red Bubble shop!

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