Monday, November 23, 2015

Greeting Cards


I have been cleaning out old files on my external hard drive, so many of them have been designs that I created for greeting cards, soooooo many of them! And, so many of them are UGLEEEEE! Glad to get rid of them! Did I really create those monstrosities?

I've been getting emails from GCU lately, they finally have made it to my shop and are doing the 'purging' of old, un-marketable designs which are declined as well as 'returned for edits' cards. There are plenty and I truly, TRULY am so glad that they are doing this! I just wish they'd go ahead and delete them all, but no. I have to go into my account and click on each one, one by one, and delete them. I hate it because I don't even want to see them!

Well, anyway, so my life on the internet in creating for POD sites really started when I started creating greeting card designs. I was never very good at creating t-shirt designs, it just doesn't interest me as much as cards. I designed the mugs, mouse pads, magnets and buttons too, but greeting cards were, and probably still are my favorite to design.

Now there are hundreds of products that we can design for at Zazzle, it's remarkable just how many products you can slap a design on there! From shower curtains to shoes, trailer hitch covers to guitar picks, it's amazing!

But, my love for creating greeting cards will be the strongest. I love how you can design the inside and backside of the cards too! So, without further ado, here are some of my latest designs. If you would like to purchase them just go to my ZAZZLE SHOP!

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