Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March is On!

Hello March!

One more month until spring!

And I cannot wait! I am posting springlike fabrics at my Spoonflower fabric shop and drawing springy things today! I've been in the springtime mode for about a month already, since February weather was so kind and mild. It really has been a mild winter here in south-central Michigan. 

I've been thinking about sewing too! I have tried to use my sewing machine a few times but it just won't sew. That makes me feel sew sad! (I know, bad ... ) The tension will not work right and I've tried to adjust everything I can think of, from top to bottom.

It's an old Singer sewing machine in a table cabinet and I've had it since around 1971 or so. It's even got discs that do embroidery borders too, very advanced for that time, when I got it. I just love that old machine and I really don't want to part with it! But I am needing a new one, so I can start on some new projects that I've been wanting to make. Or, if I can find a person who works on old sewing machines, that'd be great! It probably just needs a tune up! 

Started researching surgers, surging/sewing machines and I'd love to get the one reviewed as one of the best, a JUKI. I think that it is the name of the one that I used many years ago, when I worked for WACO PRODUCTS as a seamstress. 

I am so in the mood to make some cute stuffed toys, stuffies, poofies, pillows, stuffed animals, whatever you call them! I ordered two of the patterns I designed from Spoonflower and will probably order a surger within the week so I can get started creating!

Update: I got myself a serger! It's a Brother, I love it already and I haven't even used it yet! It was rated 2nd for serger machines for 2016, all around best purchase, yes! It was on sale at Amazon.

I purchased my two 'sew so easy' patterns from my Spoonflower shop. They are small stuffed toys created on fat quarter size fabrics.

There are so many sewing crafts ideas rattling around in my head now!! And, as the weather gets nicer, it gets more and more ideas! This year I'd like to make some macrame wall hangings, wind chimes and crocheted window hangings. 

Whew! I'm getting overwhelmed just by thinking of all the neat things I would like to make! Guess I'll get back to submitting some more pretty patterns to my fabric shops in the meantime. Then it's time for a tea break and time to sketch. YOU have an awesome day of creating!

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