Monday, June 6, 2016

Fan Freebies

You Don't Have to 'Like' Me!

Nope, ya don't! But you DO have to go to my Facebook page and click on the FAN FREEBIE tab to access this week's free clip art image.

It used to be that you had to LIKE a Facebook page before you could get access to the FAN FREEBIES! **NOT ANYMORE!**

Two Pinwheels clip arts were the freebie for last week!
I'm scurrying to create a new freebie for this coming week, so do take a look at my Facebook page to see if it has been added.

Meanwhile, you can click here for the PINWHEELS!

Go to my Facebook page now and take a looksee! OR, see the ad below! :)

Other fellow digital designers who are posting their FAN FREEBIES are here! DIGITAL DESIGNERS

ENJOY creating digitally! Whether you are a card designer, logo artist, digital illustrator or home hobbyist, who enjoy using die cutting machines and are looking for SVG or cutting files, you'll find a great variety of instant digital downloads at my Etsy shop as well as my Etsy team member's shops!

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