Monday, August 29, 2016

Autumn Awesomeness!

It's only August but it feels like an early autumn this year!

A couple of weeks ago, I felt the still in the air. The morning birds are no longer tweeting away and singing. I can smell the leaves, the soil and foliage 'warming' in the sun, it's that smell of when the earth is done renewing and now it's baking everything. Hard to explain, but you can smell it! 

I've seen some leaves falling, some grasses yellowing, wildflowers going to seed and all the farmers are getting their grain bins going, getting their semi-truck trailers readied, and the pickers are being sent to various fields for harvesting. 

I love this time of year the most! It's still warm enough to swim yet it's cooler nights are so refreshing! 

We've had plenty of rain this year and it's really done us well because the variety of mushrooms I've seen is so incredible! I must get a photo album of the many kinds I've seen, just around our property!

Here are some 'puff balls' type:

I've found several other types of mushrooms, some were hiding so I have to go get my camera and capture them! I found two that were like morels but longer and I don't think they were the edible kind. They got rather slimey fast so they got swept away and thrown in the discard yard waste pile.

I do have some mushroom fabric patterns, I think that they are kind of fun! You can see them at my Spoonflower shop!

Or, a darker background color fabric:

Both are fun for making cute vintage kitchen curtains or toaster covers, and like that!

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