Thursday, September 1, 2016

Happy September!

My! Seems like this summer went by way too fast! But, I did so enjoy it, it's been a lovely summer for sure!

Now is when it's time to get the junk out of the house, like spring cleaning, only it's fall cleaning, right? Time to get rid of things we'll never use, make room for new things we'll never use!

I'm having an 'impromptu' yard sale. Just setting things out as I find them. I have a ton of big items, an old desk, pole lamps, an antique croquet set, half sanded down end tables, galvanized pails, and stuff like that, all too big and in the way and I'll never 'repurpose' them. They've been here long enough and I still haven't done anything with them so, good-bye junk!

No, the yellow suitcase is not for sale, it's my sign! I put a brick in it so it stays upright!

Gotta go mark some picture frames now. Need to find my labels and a good magic marker.

Hello September, goodbye junk!
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