Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Happy November!

Harvest Blessings

This is such a beautiful time of year! With the last leaves of the trees now falling at a rapid pace, though the colors are still incredible, it is sad to see them go. The smell of burning leaves are in the air and we are all so enjoying this latest round of warm weather, 76 degrees in November, yes!

The autumn cravings are being nurtured, I've baked some bread, beef and barley soup, chili, apple pie and peanut butter cookies, so far. Bean and ham soup with corn bread is on the list for meals, along with a good stew, chicken and dumplings and more breads! Sure is pleasant in the house when the oven is working over time!

I hear the sound of the seed dryers going down the road. It's a soothing sound to hear at night, lulls one to sleep. The corn and soy beans are being dried in those bins, there are tractors all driving all over the place, the fields are almost all harvested now and semi trucks with their loads of grains are busily going here and there.

With it being so unseasonably warm, I just had to take a beautiful moped ride to the dam and all around town, taking photos of the trees, lakes and rivers. The most scenic area in our town is our cemetery. I love it at this time of year!

All the while I cannot help but reminisce. This time of year I always feel quite melancholy. I think about those who have passed before me, my friends, family and fur friends. I think about how Blessed I am to be alive and healthy.

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