Saturday, February 25, 2017

Fabric Patterns

I just found out about Roostery!

They are in partnership with Spoonflower, an online fabric shop. I submit my fabric designs to Spoonflower, then I have to purchase them as samples to make sure that they print correctly before I am allowed to have them show up in the marketplace. I have purchased quite a few fabric samples but will be needing to purchase quite a few more so I have a better chance of selling these high dollar chairs! One chair is over $400!

Roostery sews napkins, pillow covers and chairs, so this is really handy! Look at these great chairs with my 'Southwestern Warmth' design on them! I love this! On the left is a VENDA Sloped Chair and on the right is a MARAN Slipper Chair.

The link to my Roostery Shop is HERE!

They only show products made with the fabrics that I have purchased as samples, to assure that they print well on fabrics.

Visit my Spoonflower Shop HERE!

If you see a fabric that you would like to see a chair or other product produced with, feel free to message me there!

I'll be posting more of my fabrics and the products you can purchase here as time goes on.

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