Monday, November 12, 2018



I have been trying to upload my listings from Etsy to my Facebook 'page' and it keeps trying to me do things I don't want to. It won't post my comments and photos unless I make it a live post, or make it an ad, which I have to pay for …. nope! So, I've been putting my photos in albums and posting them with the links to my websites. The only way I can get around it for now, how do you like that Facebook? I'm also starting to blog more. I think blogging is great for us who like to 'journal' online.

I wanted to post this photo of my latest material at my Spoonflower shop, my Christmas Collection. Google+ wants to limit our photos so I thought I'd start uploading them to my blog from now on. Maybe I can get around having to pay for more storage there. Everyone wants money now, cha-ching is the way of it all it seems.

Anyway, I will still have fun posting on Instagram and here, maybe I will look for a new place too. I'm at WordPress and Tumbler, I'll start posting there also.

Until I post something again, fare thee well! Oh, and don't forget to visit my fabric shop at Spoonflower!

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