Sew So Easy!

I've been creating cute little sewing kits at my Spoonflower shop. These are kits for the beginner seamstress or for anyone who loves these cute 'stuffies'! They are so adorable in person too! I've purchase three of them and some of the swatches of the others.

You'll love this kitty, it's a great neck pillow! You could fill with rice or cherry pits, for a warming pillow, ohhh, so soothing on your neck! Just heat in the microwave for a minute or so. BE CAREFUL! HOT!

Some kits that I have in the florist/gift shop in my town!

If you see something in my fabric shop that you'd like to purchase, but it's not for sale in the marketplace, just let me know, or Spoonflower will. I must purchase a swatch of each fabric before it can be for sale as they have to ensure that it is up to great printing standards! Win-win!

Thanks for looking at my Spoonflower fabric shop today! CLICK HERE

I love this cotton! The printing is gorgeous!

This is the entire kit is on a fat quarter, 21" wide by 18" tall.
Purchase it here!

Cute little owl stuffies!
So adorable, My Sweet Puppy!
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