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Search FABRIC COLLECTIONS first, then scroll down to Paisley Love, there you'll find my gallery of pretty paisley patterns! If you'd like fabric, I can purchase the swatches first for you so that they can be placed into the marketplace. Just email me at Spoonflower or leave a message here or at my Facebook page!
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Spoonflower gave us a sample of the 'Performance Knit' fabric, I love my Swirlie Birds pattern on it!

 My design for the Milk & Honey Shoe Design contest at Spoonflower.
See the fabric here!


 My Fabric Shop Collection

Check out the SEWING KITS Collection for matching canning jar recipe toppers and ties! 

My latest fabric sewing kit, for EASY sewing! You don't even have to sew anything on this, if you choose! These are 'rounds' to use on top of your canning jar recipe mixes. Great for gifts for all occasions! My first batch of designs are gingham checks!

Just use pinking shears to cut out the circles, then put over the canning jar lid but under the canning jar ring. You can mix and match the smaller cirlces and glue or embroider or stitch the text on each one. Or, use a cloth marker and write your own text on the dots! This is shown on a 'Fat Quarter' which is 21" wide by 18" long. You can purchase in yard quantities as well!

Spoonflower now has the ability to print wallpaper and decals, yes! I'm so excited about this!

I tried my first design as a wallpaper but cannot sell it until I purchase a swatch of it, a sample piece. So, I'm leaving a note for potential customers that they should leave me a message and I'll buy the swatch so that then I can place this in the marketplace. This is the ONLY thing that I don't like about Spoonflower, but, what can one do?

I'll be posting my wallpaper samples here, and my decals too, so do check back soon! See my Spoonflower shop right here! CLICK ME

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