Monday, June 6, 2016

Fan Freebies

You Don't Have to 'Like' Me!

Nope, ya don't! But you DO have to go to my Facebook page and click on the FAN FREEBIE tab to access this week's free clip art image.

It used to be that you had to LIKE a Facebook page before you could get access to the FAN FREEBIES! **NOT ANYMORE!**

Two Pinwheels clip arts were the freebie for last week!
I'm scurrying to create a new freebie for this coming week, so do take a look at my Facebook page to see if it has been added.

Meanwhile, you can click here for the PINWHEELS!

Go to my Facebook page now and take a looksee! OR, see the ad below! :)

Other fellow digital designers who are posting their FAN FREEBIES are here! DIGITAL DESIGNERS

ENJOY creating digitally! Whether you are a card designer, logo artist, digital illustrator or home hobbyist, who enjoy using die cutting machines and are looking for SVG or cutting files, you'll find a great variety of instant digital downloads at my Etsy shop as well as my Etsy team member's shops!

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Father's Day Gifts

Father's Day

Gifts for dads!

There are so many funny, unique and such a variety of gifts at Zazzle for dads! I love to look at the cards especially, how inventive some of them are! Take a look at these fun items, hopefully you'll find something that is just perfect for that man, whether it's your dad, son in law or granddad!

Father's Day 2016

Check out Dad Mugs online at zazzle

Personalized Wooden Six Pack Carrier
Personalized Wooden Six Pack Carrier by woodthumb
Look at other Opener Wood Six Packs at

Customizable Original Suspenders by Sartorous
Customizable Original Suspenders by Sartorous by sartorous
Find more Formal Distinctive Suspenders by Sartorous at Zazzle

San Francisco, CA by Woodcut Maps
San Francisco, CA by Woodcut Maps by woodcut_maps
Look at more Wood cut 8" x 8" Wood-Inlay Maps Art by Woodcut Maps at zazzle

Circle Monogram Personalized Memento Flask, 10 oz
Circle Monogram Personalized Memento Flask, 10 oz by HomeWetBar
Check out Monogram Monogram Flasks online at zazzle

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Spring Color Challenge

Free Digital Papers

Digital Designers Spring Color Challenge

Even though there is snow on the ground here in south central Michigan, I refuse to let that alter my spring mood and my desire for creating lovely 'springy' digitals! I decided to do a search of spring colors at Pinterest and found this lovely 2016 Spring Colors palette! I love it! I immediately saw FLOWERS! My favorite things to design!!

These are Pantone colors!
Here is a sneak peek of one of my freebies that I will be posting here soon! I've got clip art flowers and matching digital scrapbooking papers (JPG files), and maybe soon, even some pretty floral frames, (PNG files)!

Spring Berries
Visit our Pinterest Board for more beautiful digitals from the Digital Designers Etsy team here!



This download is stored at DropBox!
You do not have to sign up to download, just say 'no thanks' and continue to the download. I just checked it, (Sunday morning) and it is working just fine!

THIS IS A ZIPPED FILE, so you will have to 'unzip' it with your WinZip or 7-Zip programs, which are free. Just Google it!

If you have problems downloading, perhaps your computer is set to block certain files, so check your computer first! Thanks!

are at my Etsy shop!

Visit my Etsy shop here!
Cherie's Arts 'n Crafts

Click Here
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Thursday, March 31, 2016



Easy Abstract Coloring Pages

Did you do this as a child? Have you ever scribbled on paper and then colored in the shapes?

Using Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils on Fabriano watercolor paper.

I sketched out lines, just scribbled them, this way and that way! Once I have it all colored in, then I will use a small paintbrush and water on each shape. After it dries, I may use puff paints, texture paste, micron inks or glue to create an interesting painting!

Finished Abstract
As I stated in a previous blog post, I said I was going to start creating more coloring pages. I like to sketch while I watch good old movies at night. I haven't been sketching much lately, except for trying to come up with some abstract drawing ideas as I'd like to post them as canvases and wood panel prints at my Zazzle shop.

Abstract 1 Freebie 
Copy and paste this abstract, scribble drawing to your computer! You can color it in and use textures and filters using Photoshop or GIMP or print it out and color it in as you like! The size is 8" x 10" so it will fit and print fine centered on an 8.5" x 11" size paper of your choice.

Here's my rendition!
Instead of printing out the template above, I kept the lines as a PNG file, with a transparent background, great for using in art programs that can handle layers.

I used Photoshop and placed a textured background first. I then colored in the sections, adding patterns and textures that I had created to each section. I used some filters too. It's just easy and fun, a good way to enjoy creating without having to worry about messing up, or getting messy!

If you don't have Photoshop, use the free art program called GIMP. Just Google it! YouTube probably has some tutorials if you need!

Abstract 2 Freebie
I remember creating tons of these scribble drawings as a child. Simply scribbling my pencil on paper and then coloring in the shapes with lots of different colors using crayons, watercolors, or chalk. I liked gluing tissue paper on first and then coloring the shapes too, what fun! 

Abstract 3 Freebie
Who would have thought that our childhood past time of coloring was going to become so popular!? Popular enough to see coloring books for 'adults' in the checkout line at the department or grocery stores! Amazing. I tried to get my 'color me' products noticed at Zazzle when I first started creating there, but it just didn't catch on all that great! I should have done more with it!

Abstract 4 Freebie
It's no wonder children are so happy! They can get lost in their toys and making things with blocks and legos, coloring or drawing, reading wonderful books, in their constant creativity! That is what we need to get back to. Our time needs to consist of those moments when we shut the world out and just sit and draw and color! We are all born artists, we just choose to continue to create as we get older, or grow away from our natural born creativity and stop. 

We forget about how wonderful it was to create out of clay and mud! We forget how exilerating it felt to build a fort! Whether out of blankets and the couch or outside, using hay bales or digging into a hill, using branches to camouflage it, we were on our own and always creating!

Abstract 5 Freebie
So, go ahead and take a break from the world! Copy these images, save them to your computer and then print them out on your favorite substrate, if your printer can handle it, even canvas if you choose! Then paint, texture paint first, use craft paints, oil paints, markers, crayons, do a collage, do anything you choose! Just do it! Have fun! Forget all the world and just enjoy!

Abstract 6 Freebie
Have fun with these simple line drawings! Create your own too, trace objects on paper, such as your hands, the kids' hands, utensils, cut out shapes from cardboard, use that imagination!

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March is On!

Hello March!

One more month until spring!

And I cannot wait! I am posting springlike fabrics at my Spoonflower fabric shop and drawing springy things today! I've been in the springtime mode for about a month already, since February weather was so kind and mild. It really has been a mild winter here in south-central Michigan. 

I've been thinking about sewing too! I have tried to use my sewing machine a few times but it just won't sew. That makes me feel sew sad! (I know, bad ... ) The tension will not work right and I've tried to adjust everything I can think of, from top to bottom.

It's an old Singer sewing machine in a table cabinet and I've had it since around 1971 or so. It's even got discs that do embroidery borders too, very advanced for that time, when I got it. I just love that old machine and I really don't want to part with it! But I am needing a new one, so I can start on some new projects that I've been wanting to make. Or, if I can find a person who works on old sewing machines, that'd be great! It probably just needs a tune up! 

Started researching surgers, surging/sewing machines and I'd love to get the one reviewed as one of the best, a JUKI. I think that it is the name of the one that I used many years ago, when I worked for WACO PRODUCTS as a seamstress. 

I am so in the mood to make some cute stuffed toys, stuffies, poofies, pillows, stuffed animals, whatever you call them! I ordered two of the patterns I designed from Spoonflower and will probably order a surger within the week so I can get started creating!

Update: I got myself a serger! It's a Brother, I love it already and I haven't even used it yet! It was rated 2nd for serger machines for 2016, all around best purchase, yes! It was on sale at Amazon.

I purchased my two 'sew so easy' patterns from my Spoonflower shop. They are small stuffed toys created on fat quarter size fabrics.

There are so many sewing crafts ideas rattling around in my head now!! And, as the weather gets nicer, it gets more and more ideas! This year I'd like to make some macrame wall hangings, wind chimes and crocheted window hangings. 

Whew! I'm getting overwhelmed just by thinking of all the neat things I would like to make! Guess I'll get back to submitting some more pretty patterns to my fabric shops in the meantime. Then it's time for a tea break and time to sketch. YOU have an awesome day of creating!

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