Saturday, July 12, 2014

New Facebook Fan Freebie

Today there is an art festival in our little town and they hold a 'pie auction' that really is amazing! So many wonderful pies are on display, I want them all!! I love pie! I usually contribute a pie too and thought this would be a perfect day to bake my pie and share the best pie crust recipe ever! Enjoy!

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Print At Home - Printable Wall Decor


Yep! It's the NEW crazy rage!!! Everyone is making printables, artwork that YOU print at home!

But, how many of you really do that????

I wonder ....
I'm on a quest to find out.

I have been wanting my art and illustrations 'published' for so long, since way back in 1998! I worked for a home decor company that manufactures wall hangings, pictures, resin plaques and picture frames.They would purchase their art 'prints' from different publishers like Sagebrush or Penny Lane Publishing, among many popular publishing and printing houses.

I never did send any of my work to anyone, although I had opportunity to do so! I became friends with a couple of the people from the two companies I mentioned and they'd tell me, just do it! I guess I never had the confidence that my art would sell, that people would actually want to buy my prints and sell them! It's a tough business, being popular and keeping up with the latest artsy - wall decor trends!

Anyway, back to 'home printing'!

Now, with Etsy being on fire with people producing tons of PRINTABLES wall decor for the nursery and every room in the house, the question is, do they really have the digital files that they purchase printed out on their home printers? Do they really get quality paper, using a recommended regular to heavy (150-250 gsm) white card stock instead of a plain paper. and have super 'professional' printers with archival inks? Or do they just have them printed at their local printing shop? Do they send them online to a professional printing lab like Shutterfly, Target, CVS, COSTCO, Kinkos, Office Depot or Sam's Club? Who knows?

I guess if you want to print at home, it's worth a shot! Take the time to at least fill up the printer, you many need it, and get that good paper! Maybe spray some Marshall's UV and Water Protectant spray on and let dry well too. NEVER put framed art, or any art, in direct sunlight!

Ok, with all of that, here are some of my PRINTABLES! I'm having fun creating them but I need to simplify. I'm trying to get too fancy and people are not gonna want to spend a lot of money on printer ink and more than that including the paper. I'll bet they are just having someone else print them. I did sell two 11" x 14" size silhouettes, personalized and that was fun! The gal said she was going to have Kinkos print them, uh oh ... I've not heard anything good about their printing ... and I don't think that they print the size she wanted to make. Ugh. Printables. Maybe I'll just continue to create clip art.

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th!

WOW!! What a great display of fireworks we saw last night! We had them a day early in our town and we'll go see some more tonight by the lake! LOVE 'EM!

I have been having a super day today! Designing all sorts of greeting cards for my Zazzle shop and will then post them at my Greeting Card Universe shop later. Then RedBubble, oh you betcha!

I woke up at three in the morning just as rested as can be so I immediately went into the 'creative' mode and opened up my favorite artsy program on the computer and had a ball creating florals today!

I got two listings made for Etsy too! Quite productive, quite fun and quite exhausted now!!

Here are the photos of what I've created today! Enjoy and have a safe, fun and happy 4th!

For Clip Art, Printables and Graphic design, it's my Etsy shop!

For Invites, it's my Zazzle shop!

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fan Freebie!

Facebook Page Fan Freebie

New for the 4th of July for you nautical folks out there!! Just LIKE my Facebook page for this direct download (it's safe! NO ads!) to this 8.5" x 11" size JPG file. Use the cardstock paper of your choice!

I've designed these fun rounds at 2.1" so that you can cut them out with your 2" size paper circle punch! Or, use scissors if you are that good, not me!! I can't cut a straight line let alone a circle!!

Anyway, these are cute rounds with glittery look anchors, stars, stripes in gold, red, white and blue colors! Great for your cupcake toppers, labels, tags, stickers, magnets, buttons or any type of crafty or digital art you create!

I loved creating these for you, enjoy!

Visit my Facebook Page, LIKE my page for the instant download!

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Fan Freebie!

Fan Freebie!

Just go to my Facebook page and click on 'Fan Freebie' App on the left hand side or at the top and you'll be able to LIKE my page and then receive a free downloadable JPG file with some cute wood look rounds for Father's Day creations! Use them for cupcake toppers, use a 2" paper punch! Use them for sticker labels or tags, or anything else you choose! Do you make buttons or magnets? Shrinky Dinks would be fun too!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and my Facebook page!

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Father's Day

Father's Day Gifts

Here are some fun ideas for you to think about when you are looking for your Father's Day gifts for dads! From cards to unusual items, dads are fun to shop for! I like finding unique and unusual things for dads, something that they'd never dream of purchasing for themselves! That's why this special Holiday is so much fun! Just looking at dad's face when he opens up a gift of an apron or funny t-shirt will make the day so fun!

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Digital Designers Facebook Hop

Digital Designers Facebook Hop

Theme: Summer Picnic 

 Yay!! We're so excited that you JOINED in on another fun 'freebie' hop that was held at Facebook by the fantabulous Digital Designers Team from Etsy!

The hop is now over but our team members have lovely freebies for you on their Facebook pages and blogs so check 'em out!

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We sure appreciate your visits and shares!

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