Monday, March 6, 2017

March Already!

I remember Valentine's Day, I got tons of candy!! Then WHOOOOSH!

IT'S MARCH!?!! What the ... ?

Ok, time to gather it all in, figure out what I need to do for spring. For Etsy. For Zazzle. For St. Paddy's Day, for Easter, spring .... lots to do! Lots I'd like to do! Lots of stuff I'm getting into now, like Instagram (I'm a late bloomer) and I'm now the captain of our Etsy Digital Designers Team. 

I feel the need to do spring cleaning, not only in my computer, my online shops and the house, but my closets and storage rooms. Need to do the UNLOADING OF THE STUFF!

I'm wanting to paint the living room and dining room this year too. Get some new furniture. 

I'm planning to take out some bedding plants and move them all. I'd love a new fence around the garden.

Oh boy! March! It's got me worn out already!

Here's some St. Paddy's Day stuff. I'm going for a cup o' tea and Neflix binge of Peroit.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Fabric Patterns

I just found out about Roostery!

They are in partnership with Spoonflower, an online fabric shop. I submit my fabric designs to Spoonflower, then I have to purchase them as samples to make sure that they print correctly before I am allowed to have them show up in the marketplace. I have purchased quite a few fabric samples but will be needing to purchase quite a few more so I have a better chance of selling these high dollar chairs! One chair is over $400!

Roostery sews napkins, pillow covers and chairs, so this is really handy! Look at these great chairs with my 'Southwestern Warmth' design on them! I love this! On the left is a VENDA Sloped Chair and on the right is a MARAN Slipper Chair.

The link to my Roostery Shop is HERE!

They only show products made with the fabrics that I have purchased as samples, to assure that they print well on fabrics.

Visit my Spoonflower Shop HERE!

If you see a fabric that you would like to see a chair or other product produced with, feel free to message me there!

I'll be posting more of my fabrics and the products you can purchase here as time goes on.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Sweet Valentine!


We got through January pretty good, in fact it went fast for me, and hardly any snow.

So, now with sweet VALENTINE February, I'm feeling like making some freebies for you! How about a coloring page?

Save to your computer and then print and color! Or digitally paint it!

Here's a Facebook cover if you'd like to use it, tell everyone about it, share it, whatever!

HERE'S SOME FUN! A photo booth props kit for that fun Valentine's Day party!

Easy to print, cut and create fun party props! Purchase here!


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