Monday, November 12, 2018



I may have gotten booted off of Facebook for saying that someone is a F _ _ _ _ _ _ G moron, but oh well. He is. I don't like FB that much anymore, it is a chore to go there sometimes! I have been trying to upload my listings from Etsy to my 'page' and it keeps reverting to me having to do things I don't want to. It won't post unless I make it a live post, like on camera, or make it an ad, which I have to pay for …. nope! So, I've been putting my photos on in albums, with links to my website. The only way I can get around it for now.

I wanted to post this photo of my latest material at my Spoonflower shop, my Christmas Collection. Google+ wants to limit our photos so I thought I'd start uploading them to my blog from now on. Maybe I can get around having to pay for more storage there. Everyone wants money now, cha-ching is the way of it all it seems.

Anyway, I will still have fun posting on Instagram and here, maybe I will look for a new place too. I'm at WordPress and Tumbler, I'll start posting there also.

Until I post something again, fare thee well! Oh, and don't forget to visit my fabric shop at Spoonflower!

Friday, November 9, 2018



YOU know the feeling! So many artsy fonts out there, I love the new ones, the free ones, the wild ones, the styled ones …. ok, now I'm rhyming. Gotta stop there.

Here are my latest faves!

GRAB THIS SHEET if you would like a reference image for when you need to find a new font for your #fontcollection