ACEO: Art Cards, Editions and Originals

ACEO :: Art Cards Editions and Originals

ATC :: Art Trading Cards

SFA  :: Small Format Art

A & AE  :: ATC & ACEO Enthusiasts 

COA  :: Certificate of Authenticity

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away ....

NO, wait, that was something else. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF ACEOs?

A long time ago, way back in 2007 or so, when I first started selling my wares 'online' I sold at eBay. I don't know how it happened or who saw me there, but in the eBay community were chat groups and someone from the A & AE group found me and invited me to join. (I believe it was a girl from my state, Darla, who I am grateful for.) So I did! I was invited to join an art group led by one of the COFOUNDERS of ACEO art cards, Jillian Crider. She is amazing, her artwork and accomplishments, well, more about her later!

I had never been in a group/chat thing before, it was so exciting! Meeting and text/chatting with people/artists from all over! I really loved the whole idea! There were many different subjects we talked about, had access to so much valuable information. Jillian did a superb job of keeping everything so well organized, informative, interesting and new!

So, I learned about ACEOs, the sizes are always 2.5" x 3.5" and ONLY that size, anything else and it's not an ACEO! I learned about Art Trading Cards, make and ACEO and TRADE it, no sell it, its an ATC! I learned about small format art, SFA

We had 'dares' or art challenges every week, that was great fun! That is where it began for me. My first dare was this first ACEO that I created! The theme for this challenge was 'FUZZY SLIPPERS' and that is what I was wearing when I created this ACEO.

I learned from Jillian that it is preferred and more professional, to sign our art in a certain way, not only your signature or logo on front of the artwork, but signing the back too. 

The back of the card has a COA, acronym for certificate of authenticity. Or, you can make separate little certificates to go along with the art card, the same size is best. Here are some of mine from days long ago, when I made a series of art cards called FUNKY HATTED WITCHES.

As you can see, all of the pertinent information is on this certificate of authenticity. I scanned the original artwork and had them printed by Zazzle as they are known for fantastic printing on paper. 

I still have the originals!

All of these were printed on business cards at my Zazzle shop!
Their paper is fantastic, sturdy, professional, heavy weight cardstock.

Ahhh, signing my art, it felt great to be signing my art as if I were a famous or professional artist! 

Now, I've applied to a Facebook group for ACEOs and I'm waiting to be accepted. I'm anxious to get creating with real paint again, new challenges. I hope the group does have something to inspire us!

YOU CAN MAKE AN ACEO, scan the artwork and have it printed on this cardstock too! Just click here for a blank template! Don't forget to design the backside with your Certificate of Authenticity!



JPG fits on 8.5" x 11" size paper of your choice.



What are Printables?

The term 'printables' applies to SO many digital downloads, so many things can be printed and used to create something else or leave as is.

I started using the term many years ago, when I first started selling my digital art files at Etsy. I considered everything I made as printables, because they are. Everything I create can be printed out either before or after designing something.

Free Printable Easter Treat Bag

But mostly, this term is used for printable items that we will use to either write on or create something with including; calendars, cards, activity sheets, wall art, coloring pages, journal pages, note pad sheets, planner pages, stationery, recipe cards, labels, tags, stickers, rolodex cards, scrapbook pages, bullet journals, teaching tools, even some fabrics, just so many things are considered PRINTABLES!

HAVE you looked at the term at Google lately? I have over the years, first there were not so many articles about printables, now there is SO much information, YouTube videos, blogs, IG posts, Facebook pages, so many businesses that specialized in selling ONLY printables.

Do you have a new idea for a printable? Do you use them? Do you think you would use them if they were free? Do you search for 'free printables'?

I do have some at my Etsy shop now, but I will be making some EASTER printables in the very near future.

YOU can get some freebies from my blog here, just click on the right hand side where it says FREEBIES|PAPER CRAFTS and DIGITAL DOWNLOADS.

Some lovely free printables around the web for you!