Christmas Graphics at Etsy

It's that time of year again, when we designers think ahead to the holidays and try to design for the season! 

I don't know where the term 'Christmas in July' came from but I'm happy to try to get some notice of my holiday graphics that I've created over the years.

My Etsy shop has a good amount of holly, pine trees, nutcracker soldiers, vintage style snow covered pickup trucks, seasonal patterns and PNG files so go on over and see what you can find! 

Are you creating invites and announcements? Greeting cards? I've gotcha covered with beautiful swashes and flourishes!

I also have the most beautiful surface patterns! From mid-century modern to paisley! Check them out now!




From Malte Marten's Peaceful Mind

I have found that handpan (some call them 'hang drums) music is the most relaxing music there can be! It's the kind of music that blends into the background, you hear it and it is soothing but you don't hear it. You aren't aware of it even though it's bringing beautiful sounds to your ears! and MIND!

Malte Marten is the first person that I followed who plays the handpan. I started following him about five years ago. His style and his playing has only gotten better and better and he is now very well known!

I signed up for his email list and got free music, which is truly amazingly generous! I would gladly purchase his cds or online music as I absolutely adore him and his beautiful gift.

My goal is to play the handpan and I did purchase one, but it was very cheap and not really the kind I want. Mine has two sticks to play it and the sounds aren't all clear and do not ring true. Very 'off' and so I haven't played it much at all.

I also got a tuning bowl, a small one with drum sticks. They are called 'singing' or Tibetan singing bowls, for meditation, healing and relaxation. 

One of these days I will record my music and post it on my YouTube channel. Even though handpans are quite expensive, I intend on getting one. The ones I've seen for sale by Malte are around one thousand dollars!

Malte plays handpans that are in different scales/tones. He plays the Calabash too, which I sooo love, hollowed out gourds. I would love one of these too! See his wonderful handpan shop here: YATAO SHOP

I used to play the guitar, but my hands hurt so much, my wrists too. I get so tired of the pain of RA (rheumatoid arthritis) and cannot always do to much with my hands now. I see my guitar every day and yearn to pick it up and just start strumming it. I cannot. 

Please go visit Malte's YouTube channel, where peace and tranquility are! He and his friends make such beautiful, serene sounds. YOU need peace in your life, find it there!