Hey! Come on in and look around! I'll be highlighting my digital art that I sell at Etsy as 'clip art' or 'digital backgrounds' as well as 'printables' that you can print out at home and use for all sorts of crafty projects!

I knew it wouldn't be long after I started selling my art that someone would think of a way to cash in on the idea, many sites like Creative Market, realized that selling just digital downloads would be a super way to make money. I tried telling the Etsy folks that they need to have a separate site for digitals, but they didn't listen. Oh well.

Here I am, advertising my wares, showing off my artsy drawings and following my passion! I love creating art for artists! 

You can purchase the hands 'clip art' in digital download format, as you see above. 

I used these images to create the purple greeting card for my GCU art card shop. It's fine to use my art for commercial use as long as you do include me in the credits, as contributing artist, and sell only up to 500pcs. Simple TOU, Terms of Use.

HEARTS SURFACE PATTERN for personal use.

Sometimes, you just don't want to take the time to draw a face, or eyes, or make a jar full of flowers, or 'faux felt' stars with stitching, or you just don't know how to do that. 

Maybe you need just the right background pattern for that website page, or stationery, or you need a silhouette to make that t-shirt for the granddaughter, or you need those cute font swirls/swashes!