WATERCOLORS are so beautiful, so popular now and so fun to create! Whether you are a traditional painter or digital painter, or both, (tradigital) where you paint and scan and then add effects using your computer art program, it's all WATERCOLOR BEAUTY! 

I especially love funky, whimsical and abstract style watercolors. Loose floral paintings are quite popular and are harder to paint than you can imagine! To let yourself go and just let the paint flow, well, it's difficult until you really do understand HOW to watercolor paint. 

What kind of materials you need, the types of watercolor papers, the best brushes (make all the difference) and the finest paints. Invest in the moderate priced supplies, you will save time! If you buy cheap paper and paint, you are going to end up not being happy with your results and end up buying the better quality supplies anyway! 

I'm at the point where I would love those super expensive brushes, but I have trouble with them being from animals. Animals raised for fur, it's a hard thing to justify. So, I'm looking for the best synthetic, or 'man made' brushes I can find. 

Don't let that burden you to the point of not painting! Even messing around at night, while watching the boob tube, we can use our watercolor paint brushes that hold water or use the brush style markers, or use our watercolor pencils!! Those are highly awesome and highly underrated! I love making a drawing and then adding water, to see where it goes.

The images you see here are from THE HUNGRY JPEG 'TROPICAL BUNDLE' that was on sale a couple of weeks ago, for $17 and oh my! What a great price on so much artwork! 

This is the first set of graphics that I've EVER PURCHASED and I'm so glad I did!! I don't have enough time in my life to paint all of these gorgeous images so it's saving me time and it is so much fun to mix and match, to create my own designs using art from these talented artists! It's just like digital scrapbooking, using patterns for backgrounds, PNG files for making cute stickers, magnets, art for t-shirts, it's a joy!

HERE ARE SOME STICKERS that I created using these fine images! For sale at my Zazzle shop!

Here are some cute products that I created at my Redbubble shop!

Follow the simple TERMS OF USE!
See the TOU on their site, it's simple, just like mine! You cannot just use the images 'as is'!!!! You must create something new, combine other elements to create something different than what you received. So, instead of just plopping down an image and selling it, you must add something to it, like text or another image!

So, get started! Paint or use graphics from other artists who sell their art for a living, like I do at my Etsy shop! Enjoy the beautiful world of watercolors!

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