Do you scrapbook? Journal? Are you a 'planner addict'? Do you digitally scrapbook and then print your pages out? Do you buy real paper, make real 'layouts' and die cut all of your frames and embellishments? Or do you do a little of both? Do you purchase clip art and background papers?

When I first started designing for an online shop, which was Etsy, I saw that people were selling ephemera, collage sheets, old newspaper pages, vintage photos, vintage wallpaper scraps, vintage book covers, patterns from inside old books, all sorts of florals, frames, 'clusters' of flowers and buttons, scraps of string, just anything you could scan and sell as 'DIGITAL' downloads. What a variety!! I was in heaven! I had a lot to do!

I created repeating patterns and distressed look backgrounds, now they are called 'digital papers' and then made a kit with a variety of matching elements, like this one! This kit is not mine.

I LOVED making scrapbook pages, creating my own layered look with frames and all sorts of elements and making them as realistic looking as possible.

One of the concerns of this new way to create family photo albums was the ability to print correctly. Printing was a real problem! Most people didn't know how to adjust their printers to print to the edge, or 'full bleed' and a lot of printers back then DIDN'T!! Also, we couldn't print 12" x 12" pages!

Digital Scrapbook 'Quick Page' by DoggiNo

Today it is very different, MUCH better! We have printers that are just like professional ones, they print beautifully, print to the edge, print huge sizes, the digital scrapbooking people were happy! 

With that came die cutting machines. There was only one or two way back then, AccuCut was one of them. I went to a show in Chicago and visited their booth and they handed out samples of the cutest die cut items, including a folding paper coin purse. Oh my gosh! The things we can do with die cutting, folding paper into objects, wow!!!!

Printables became popular, you print out on paper of your choice and then cut out with scissors. This was before you could simply have your die cut machine trace and then cut. Cricut has the ability to do that, I believe. Silhouette may have that ability to do so too. I enjoy cutting paper by hand. 

Cutting paper by hand has started a new trend call 'collage fodder' and of course there are 'collage fodder challenges' and giveaways and all sorts of FODDER things!! Fodder is made by simply drawing, painting, making a design and then cutting it out and using it on something else. I know, can't keep up with the latest trends. The terms all change for everything as we go too. It's a lot to keep up with, so ... I don't. I do my thing.

So here are some cute embellishments you can add to your scrapbook pages, create stickers or print on -t-shirts or totes!

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